Green Tea and Weight Loss – Fat Cutter Drink

Tea is the most favorite and most used beverage for people all over the world. Many kinds and types of tea are available. From some of the common types, the most famous tea is black tea. Most people drink black tea in the morning, evening and sometimes at night.

Another type of tea which has got some fantastic benefits and nutrients is called green tea. It is becoming more popular among the people day by day because of its anti-oxidant properties, weight loss ability, and anti-cancer nutrients.

Many Nutrition Doctors have a common saying that, “Green Tea is the healthiest beverage available on planet earth.”

Having known as one of the healthy beverage on the earth, we decided to explain some of its health benefits. We will be focusing on, how you can drink it for weight loss and what are the primary substances in green tea that can help you lose weight quickly.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the health benefits:

Necessary Nutrients in Green tea for Losing Weight

To be honest, green tea is not just a hot flavored drink you consume.

It has got many useful substances and nutrients which help you in weight loss efficiently.

When you take a cup of tea, you are absorbing many useful and necessary nutrients that help you in losing the weight easily.

Caffeine found in this tea is beneficial for losing the weight. One cup has got almost (24-40mg) caffeine which has a placid effect on your body’s fats.

A study shows that people who use this drink, rich in caffeine have lost almost 2.5 pounds weight in 12 weeks with a proper diet routine.

The main characteristic where it shines is its richer antioxidants presence. It has got antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids.

The function of these antioxidants is to make your body lose fat quickly by starting fat oxidation and increasing the insulin activity.

Don’t Drink a Lot Of Green Tea

Some people think that by only drinking a lot of green tea, their weight may start to lose. That is a very wrong perspective.

You don’t need to drink a lot of it to lose your body fat quickly.

Studies suggest that this drink with a proper diet proportion has sound effects on overall body’s fat.

You need to have a regular diet routine on behalf of green tea to work for you.

If you cannot maintain a proper diet routine, there won’t be any effect of drinking lots and lots of green tea.

You simply can’t rely on this tea all day long. Make a proper and healthy diet routine and fix your green tea times.

In this way, this tea can work wonders for you in losing the weight rapidly.

Green tea Varieties

As you may know, just like black tea, green tea also comes in different varieties, and if you are on a weight loss mission, you need to drink the tea with most nutrients.

After a long research of different nutrition doctors, they have found a variety of green leaves which has almost all the weight losing nutrients in a higher proportion.

This type of green tea has a name called Matcha. And it has got some of the most delicate green leaves rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Matcha has got a lot of benefits as compared to other standard green tea types. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is rich in antioxidants including stronger EGCg.
  • It boosts the metabolism rate and helps in calorie burning.
  • Detoxification is effective and natural.
  • It provides calmness to the mind and helps in relaxing it.
  • It is rich in fibers, chlorophyll, and vitamins which are all essential for the human body.

Techniques of Brewing

There are different methods of brewing. You have to avoid the wrong methods to get full nutrients for weight loss.

  • A perfect method for brewing it with almost full nutrients is as follow:
  • Take extra care while boiling the water because highly boiled water is not suitable for useful chemicals like catechins.
  • Make the water boiled but give it some rest for about 10 minutes so that it can’t damage the tea’s nutrient and flavor.
  • Pour water into the green tea and brew it for about one to two minutes before serving.
  • The brewing time can be made shorter or longer depending on the taste you like.

In this way, the drink produced is rich in antioxidants and nutrients helping you in weight loss by burning the calories and increasing the rate of metabolism.

Benefits of Green Tea

As discussed earlier, it is the healthiest beverage on the planet earth. Nature has provided us a huge origin of antioxidants, and fat burning nutrients in the form of this tea.

Some of the benefits that you can get are as follows:

  • It is beneficial for weight loss. You can easily lose many pounds by drinking it regularly. But you may also need to have a good diet plan so that it can do its proper function in your body.
  • Drinking this tea is also very helpful even if you don’t want to lose your weight. Making a habit of drinking it regularly can make your body fresh, and it can function properly all day long.
  •  The nutrients like antioxidants, anti-cancer, and brain healthy compounds play an important role in making your brain healthy and fresh. Drinking it regularly can do wonders for your body.

So, now you may know how much crucial green tea is. It can help you a lot in weight loss because of its natural properties. The nutrients like antioxidants, catechins and caffeine are very critical for a human body. Make a habit of drinking green tea regularly if you want to lose weight quickly. With a proper diet plan and a daily dose of green tea comes good health and a fresh mind.


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