Best Organic Green Coffee Beans For WEIGHT LOSS 2018 – (BUYER’S GUIDE)

There is a popular disposition that suggests, drinking coffee can help you lose weight, there is no solid research to back this common conception but debates go back and forth to establish whether this myth has any truth to it or not, organic green coffee beans are becoming increasingly popular they are considered to be miraculous weight loss supplements you can readily buy these Beans online.

They are currently gaining considerable popularity across the globe and sellers claim it is a “miracle”


What is unroasted green coffee bean?

Unroasted coffee beans are raw coffee beans, they are not roasted and used directly after been picked from the plant. They are in natural state and light green in color. These green coffee beans contain a higher quantity of chlorogenic acid as compared to brown coffee.

Coffee beans are basically green seeds located inside a bright red berry, if the beans remain unroasted they become green coffee beans if they are roasted they turn into regular aromatic coffee.

Normally the brown coffee we use is roasted in big roasters so it turns brown from green. This roasting produces the characteristic taste of the coffee.

Why unroasted coffee beans?

When the coffee beans are roasted the chlorogenic acid is reduced to some extent, so unroasted coffee or raw coffee beans are considered to be more effective for weight loss as compared to regular brewed coffee.

It is believed that the benefits of green coffee include: antioxidant, weight loss and help to lower blood pressure.

Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Although these coffee beans are very popular for its weight reduction properties, it has numerous other benefits. Some major benefits include:

Rich in Antioxidants (Anti-Aging)

Pure green coffee is rich in antioxidants, the chlorogenic acid holds strong antioxidant elements that keep our skin young, wrinkle-free, decrease signs of aging and make your hair long and strong.

Regulates Metabolism

Again, the chlorogenic acid does wonder for our body it is considered to boost our metabolism, this is why green coffee is considered to be magical for weight loss.

Decreases appetite

It’s an amazing appetite suppressant, which means it will reduce your hunger pangs this is always good news -no hunger, no weight gain.

Treat Type-2 Diabetes

Organic green coffee beans have the ability to curb type 2 diabetes, they reduce glucose levels from entering our bloodstream which means that not only will we lose weight it will help control type 2 diabetes.

It even helps control cholesterol levels, increase immunity, lowers blood pressure, decrease the risk of cardiovascular health problems, detox our body.

Organic Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Green coffee beans have worked wonders in weight reduction. Chlorogenic acid is main, active ingredient in the green coffee bean which produces the weight loss effect.

Chlorogenic acid reduces body weight by cutting down fat absorption from our food. It meltdown fats stored in the liver and improves the function of adiponectin which is a fat burning hormone. So this acid is a metabolism booster which raises our fat burning capability and eventually helps us shed off excess weight.

Green coffee reduces too much glucose from entering our blood so, in turn, the body starts using stored fats to meet its glucose requirements. Pure green coffee beans help us burn fats which in turn leads to weight loss.

Green bean even include vitamins and minerals so they don’t leave an after effects on your health.

Remember weight loss is always about adopting a healthy lifestyle and sticking to it. Green coffee beans will certainly help you to lose weight but, it is recommended to follow a diet plan and 15 minutes daily fast walk or jogging for guaranteed results.

The Research

Dr. Oz show conducted a test between two groups of women, one group received a placebo pill whilst the others were given green coffee extract they were told to make no change to their diet. When they came back after two weeks, those who were given the green coffee had lost more than double as those who had the placebo had lost. The audience was astonished by the results.

Another study was conducted in 2012, it was found that the subjects part of the research who had made a consumption of 1050mg had lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks whereas the placebo subjects had not lost as much. It is suggested by clinical trials that the effects are moderate but do exist.

How to Prepare Green Coffee for Weight Loss?

The first step is to grind the beans. Take some coffee beans in the grinder. After running the grinder for about 5 minutes you will be able to break the beans into small granules, you will not be able to get fine powder as they are very hard.

Take 10 grams (1 tablespoon) of powdered beans with 150 ml (1 cup) of hot water. Put this 1 tablespoon of powder in a glass and pour a cup of hot water. Hot water means water at 90 °C. In this state water is about to boil but, have not started boiling.

Now let it rest for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes of brewing, stain the contents and green coffee is ready to be consumed.

You will see the light green color of the liquid due to the high concentration of chlorogenic acid.

How does it Taste?

Some people say that green coffee is bitter but, generally, it is considered mild and smooth in taste.

After 2-3 cups you will start enjoying its taste.

Do not add any sweetener like sugar, honey or sugar-free, however, you can always add cinnamon to increase the pace of weight loss process.

How Many Times & When?

If you are on a weight loss campaign drink at least 3 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal.

Side Effects

Green coffee is a miraculous natural supplement but, the million dollar question is: is it actually safe? it is important to be well aware of side effects of anything that claims to be a “miracle” you need to know would this coffee cause any harmful side effects?

Apparently, not too many. As green coffee is a natural supplement it does not need any standardization. We need to be self-aware when selecting such products, the only restrictions imposed on manufacturers are when it comes to false advertising.

It’s the same as having regular coffee, if you intake excessive amounts you will have the same effects as intake of too much brown coffee has on one, it is important to consume only moderate amounts in order to avoid the symptoms which include: anxiety, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, palpitations. Three cups a day are normally recommended and does not cause any problem.

So does that mean one will also face withdrawal symptoms similar to caffeine discontinuation when you discontinue the coffee?

The answer is yes! Withdrawal symptoms of caffeine include fatigue and headache just for a few days.

There is a chance that too much caffeine intake (8-10 cups) can also lead to diabetes or blood pressure so that’s another factor we must be aware of.

Too much of anything can be bad for you, substance abuse of any substance is known to have its effects whether it’s illegal drugs or legal, too much of anything is discouraged if the green coffee is consumed in moderation it is unlikely it will do any damage. Supplements should be consumed with responsibility rather than with expectations of a miracle.

Who Should Avoid?

This coffee is not recommended for children, pregnant & nursing mothers and people under medication.

Green Coffee Price – Where to buy?

Green coffee varies in prices depending on the quantity and the quality of the green coffee you purchase.

We went through many vendors and found the cheapest and the best quality green coffee for you. It’s not too expensive, not too cheap and, quality is really good.

Before buying green coffee beans you must make sure that coffee is organic and do not contain any chemical additive.

We have done some important research for you so that you get best, fresh coffee. We have done all the hustle, seen a lot of reviews and found the best place to buy green coffee.

It is a cash on delivery product means you will pay when you receive the product.

So, what are you waiting for?

Select your country and enjoy the best green coffee beans for weight loss.

Green Coffee Capsules

Capsules containing green coffee extract are easily available in the market, ready to use, you don’t need to grind the beans or boil something, just swallow the capsule or tablet with a glass of water and you are done.  Here you might be thinking:

  • Do green coffee capsules really help to lose weight?
  • Are they good for health? Do they have any side effect?

The answer to the first question is YES, they really help you lose weight but, at what cost?

Green coffee capsules contain the high concentration of chlorogenic acid and caffeine. They will absolutely help you reduce weight but, may cause nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, stomach disorder, anxiety disorder, high blood pressure and bones thinning (osteoporosis). One or more of these diseases are found to be prominent in adults who used such capsules.

So we recommend you to take care of your health, avoid any such capsules, use natural coffee beans and live a healthy life.

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